Help Centre

  • What is Tradectory?

    We are an image-led trade directory that uses images and videos to connect Homeowners to Tradespeople.

  • Who is Tradectory for?

    We are for Tradespeople and Homeowners to use simultaneously. The image-led trade directory Please go to our About page here to find out everything you need to know.

  • Why should Tradespeople sign up?

    We connect you directly with customers. It's free to use and allows you to keep all your work photos in one place, which saves you time and money updating your own website or social media accounts. We want you to gain more local work by promoting your work your way.

  • Why should Homeowners sign up?

    You can search exactally what you are looking for, whether it be a new kitchen, extension or even a garden design. You can search for a specific trade or project and easily contact the person who can bring your ideas to life.

  • Is the website/app free to use?

    Yes, the website is free to use and the app is free to download on the Apple app store and Google play store.

  • What are project folders & how many can I have?

    Project folders make it easier for homeowners to search and look through. This will become a tradespersons portfolio of work so that they can show their potential customers. There is no limit on how many project folders someone can have. In fact, the more projects uploaded the better as this will give you more exposure.

  • What is the budget slider?

    It gives homeowners an indication of what they could potentially achieve with the budget they have.

  • What is the favourites folder?

    It allows homeowners to store all the project images they like in one place. A homeowner could want a new kitchen but want to compare multiple images, as they like flooring from one, tiles and workshops from another.

  • Can you share project folders to other social media sites?

    Yes, that is one of our key benefits, saving tradespeople time updating multiple social media accounts.

  • What are direct messages?

    Once you have found a tradesperson you like you can make or even arrange a visit to quote for a project you would like completed.

  • Can I easily edit or delete a project folder?

    Once you have signed in you can update all information quickly and easily on your own profile page.

  • How do I submit a complaint or other terms of service issues?

    Please contact us here

  • Why are accounts suspended or deactivated?

    Accounts are suspended or deactivated if our terms of service are violated. Please read here

  • Having trouble using Tradectory?

    Please contact us via our contact form here and we will be happy to help

  • Where can I find Tradectory’s terms & conditions?

    Our Privacy policy and terms & conditions can be found here

  • Can I advertise on Tradectory?

    Yes, you can advertise on Tradectory. Please contact us here

  • I have a question that has not been covered by the FAQ. What can I do?

    Please send us a message by using the contact form on our website and we will be happy to help.